USMLE Step 1 Success Stories

Episode 20: A 262 - Six Phases of Studying with Rajshree

October 21, 2019

In this episode, resourceful Rajshree speaks from Nepal about studying for Step 1 as an international medical graduate. She discusses how she balances her school and social life, work and studying for step 1 while dealing with unexpected setbacks. She shares some innovative study strategies, including audio lectures and a color-coded post-it note system and her personal 6 phase plan for tackling such a daunting test.

Phase 1

   a.Materials: Kaplan books, Pathoma, 1st round First Aid (FA),

   b.Color code on FA: Bluesticky notes or blue pen

   a.Time duration: 3.5 months during internship

Phase 2

   a.Materials: 1st round Uworld system wise (73 %), 2nd round FA, BRS physiology, 100 clinical cases of medical Ethics by Conrad Fischer, Goljan Audio lectures from Spotify (1 week when I had Keratitis)

   a.Color code on FA: Yellow sticky notes and black pen

   a.Time duration: 2.5 months

Phase 3

   a.Materials: 2nd round Uworld Random (89%), ANKI cards (24K cards), 3rd round FA (removed low yield sticky notes)

   a.Color code on FA: Yellow sticky notes and black pen

   b.Time duration: 2 months

Phase 4

   a.Materials: Uworld marked questions, 4th round FA with circling high yield texts, Physeo videos in weaker topics of physiology, Boards & Beyond (B&B only difficult topics), ANKI 7K cards (couldn’t finish)

   a.Color code in FA: Green pen or Green Sticky note for NBME & UWSA, 6-B Pencil for circling (glossy papers need darker pencil), Red pens and red sticky notes for Physeo, B&B, internet/forum resources

   b.Time duration: 20 days

Phase 5

   a.Materials: 5th round FA reading only the circled text, Qmax 7 day free trial –8 blocks/day for endurance

   a.Color code in FA: Subject-wise color coded index sticky notes to marking topics to revise day before test

   b.Time duration: 10 days

Phase 6

   a.Materials: 6th round FA reading selected topics in indexed sticky note

   b.Time duration: 10 hours

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