USMLE Step 1 Success Stories

Episode 14: 250+ Using an Excel Spreadsheet to Track Productivity and Improve Performance with Bronson Fong

August 8, 2019

This podcast interviews Bronson Fong. He is a third year medical student at Louisiana Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. Bronson really struggled during his first few months at medical school, and nearly left it behind to return to investment banking. He decided to stay and tough it out and discovered some really unique ways of studying. Bronson focused on using Physeo, Boards and Beyond, Pathoma, SketchyMedical and Rx to study for his coursework. He would then sporadically use Anki in long bursts to review. He used a spreadsheet to keep track of the material he’d covered and how it was working for him. During his dedicated study time, he switched tactics and used mostly UWorld: trying to cover 120 questions random and timed, keeping track of what questions he’d done using a word document. He also took an official practice test at the Prometric testing center, which he felt helpful to simulate the exact circumstances of the actual Step 1. Bronson also proves that it is possible to improve your score from your NBMEs to Step 1 by more than 40 points. Another Step 1 success story!

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